Eve Plumb said she and The Brady Bunch cast lost touch after the series ended

The acting business isn't just red carpets, flashing cameras and interviews. It's an industry filled with ups and downs that can make or break anyone. After the Brady Bunch ended, Eve Plumb and the rest of the cast had to deal with a lot. It took a lot of work to get producers and viewers to see the actors outside their most prominent roles.

Some went through a drought before they found their next parts. Fans worldwide wanted the series to be revived, which happened — with a little twist.

Sherwood Schwartz revived the classic family series into a special called The Brady Girls Get Married, which served as the pilot for The Brady Brides, in 1981. The original cast, including Robert Reed, Florence Henderson, Ann B. Davis, and the children, returned. Yet, instead of focusing on the entire family, Eve Plumb (Jan Brady) and Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) were the main focus.

"Naturally, I was surprised when they approached me to play Jan again," Plumb said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in '81. "I debated with myself whether I should or shouldn't. But it was such a new and contemporary idea that I decided to go ahead."

The only regulars for The Brady Brides were Plumb and McCormick, although Henderson and Davis could be seen dropping in occasionally.

Plumb added, "It's about two young married couples who can't afford to buy or rent houses on their own, so they decide to share a house. The fact that the wives are sisters made it all more interesting."

Both sisters had careers; Jan was an architect like their father, and Marcia was a fashion designer.

It's no secret that the cast considered themselves family while working on the Brady Bunch, but they lost touch for a while, according to Plumb. "Acting is a funny business. When you're doing a series, everyone is like family. You become really close. Then when the show is over, you go your separate ways. When you work together, it's like picking up the threads of friendship right where you left off."

Plumb is right, acting is a funny business, and it's a lot to handle if you let it control you. However, the Brady family could still be seen reuniting with each other even decades after the show ended.