Christopher Knight didn't invite Maureen McCormick to his wedding

Reunions are a tough subject. No matter how hard you try, it'll never be the same. Plus, everyone's got their agenda. Some are there for the friendship. Others are there for the money. Or, maybe someone's there hoping it'll boost their career. Regardless, it'll never quite feel like it did the first time around. Especially if the actors have all grown up.

The Brady Bunch stars are no strangers to reunions. Over the decades, the band has gotten back together many times. But, inevitably, there's been something— or someone—missing. Sometimes it's Mike Brady, other times it's Cindy Brady. Every time though, at least in the press, we fans are told that it's all amicable.

However, Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) once revealed some shocking details as to why not everything is peachy in the Brady household. In a 2004 USA Today article, Knight reflected on why some of the Bradys missed prior reunions.

"From my recollection," he said, "it was all contractual. Maureen (McCormick [Marcia Brady]) had sort of sucked the money all out for herself, and I thought it was selfish."

We all have Peter Brady to thank for spilling the tea about Brady discontent. It was for this reason that Knight did not invite McCormick to his 1995 wedding.

"Maureen can get away with more," said Knight, "literally asking for more money and so forth because she was the fantasy of many young men growing up who are now the guys running studios." 

However, by 2004, Knight had enough clarity regarding the situation, declaring McCormick "the sweetest person alive."