Bea Benaderet didn't consider herself the star of Petticoat Junction

Calling an actor a "star" of a series can be a tricky thing. Sure, a performer can be lucky enough to snag a leading role in a film or television series, but the word "star" implies a degree of fame and idolization that can be tough to match. 

This was how Bea Benaderet felt when discussing her series, Petticoat Junction. Benaderet had commonly been called the "star" of the show, an easy decision to make considering that Paul Hennings created the series with her in mind. However, according to an interview with The Orlando Sentinel, Benaderet didn't exactly agree.

She stated, "They tell me I'm a star, but I don't feel like one." Benaderet shared the Bradley name with her three on-screen daughters, Betty Joe, Bobbi Joe, and Billie Joe Bradley, but Benaderet never felt like she was competing with her fellow actresses as the headlining star of the series. In fact, Benaderet said that the star of Petticoat Junction wasn't a person at all.

She said. "I'm glad to be a star, but I really think the train's the star."

Perhaps it was the lack of competitiveness between the actors on set that helped to generate the warm, natural, familial chemistry between the Bradley family. Benaderet compared this series to another Hennings-helmed project she had previously worked on, The Beverly Hillbillies.

Benaderet said, "We don't aim for the belly laughs as the Hillbillies do. Our humor is quieter, and the show is probably going to take longer to catch on, for the people to get to know us."

She continued, "But what I love about it, is that we all work as a team. The chemistry among the entire cast on Hillbillies is the same way, and I think we've got it among the seven of us too."