Audrey Meadows made her television comeback in 1959 after a two-year hiatus

She was best known as Alice Kramden, but Audrey Meadows had a successful television and film resumé throughout her career. The actress appeared in the American Western film The Baron of Arizona, The Amazing Mr. Malone (radio crime drama) and more before her Honeymooners role.

However, Meadows did not work for two years after The Honeymooners ended. In a 1959 interview with the Associated Press, the actress spoke about not caring about role sizes; she just wanted steady work. "I don't want to play Lady Macbeth or be a big fat star," Meadows said. "I just want to keep working. I'm kind of a slap-happy character. I've loved every show I've been on."

The actress started her career at 15 years old as a concert singer and could be seen dancing in Broadway musicals. According to the article, Meadows became one of television's brightest young stars.

After the hiatus, she revived her career as a game show performer and guest star. From 1959 to 1995, she could be seen in various movies and television shows, from Alfred Hitchcock Presents to Wagon Train, The Love Boat and more. Meadows appeared in about three to four different productions a year on average.

"I suffer from the feeling there isn't time to do everything I want to do," she added. "But I guess if there were time, that would be complete boredom, wouldn't it? It would be frightening."

In the interview, she also shared a few fun facts about herself. For instance, she loved the color red. The only thing that bored her was a "closed mind," and she was attracted to "curious minds."

"So many people today are negative. I believe in kindness and [faith] in something or someone beyond ourselves. If we all practiced kindness on a larger scale, we'd have fewer misunderstandings on all levels."

If there was a job she couldn't do, she wouldn't accept it. Yet, Meadows kept a positive mindset, telling herself, "she tried — poor soul!"

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