How many Emmys have these classic television series won?

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Awards season is all well and good, but there's one award show that we love better than the rest: The Emmys. The Emmys are an opportunity to give the spotlight to some of our favorite television series. Here, we're living the days of Emmy's past and quizzing you on just how many Emmy awards these television series have won collectively. Here's your chance to be a winner!

  1. How many Emmys did The Dick Van Dyke Show win?
  2. Despite being nominated twelve times, this western has only won three Emmys.
  3. How many Emmy awards did The Mary Tyler Moore Show win, including Creative Arts Emmys?
  4. This series has been nominated twice, but never won an Emmy.
  5. How many Emmy awards has the series The Twilight Zone won?
  6. How many Emmy awards has The Beverly Hillbillies won?
  7. Nominated seven times, this series has won a total of five Emmy awards.
  8. All in the Family was nominated 55 times. How many out of those nominations has the series won?
  9. This crime show won three Emmy awards.
  10. How many Emmy Awards has The Brady Bunch won?
How many Emmys have these classic television series won?

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