Can you name these celebrities in The Love Boat Christmas episode?

The Love Boat episode "Santa, Santa, Santa/Another Dog Gone Christmas/Noel's Christmas Carol," shortened and more easily referred to as "The Christmas Show," set sail in 1984 with a passenger manifest full of B-list celebrities.

There are Sixties sitcom favorites, current Aaron Spelling darlings, comics… and a famous canine.

Let's see how well you know these celebrity guest stars from the '84 holiday season!

  1. This fellow played which beloved character on The Andy Griffith Show?
  2. You know this actor best from which popular '60s series?
  3. He plays one of the three Santas in "Santa, Santa, Santa." Who is he?
  4. She was the star and title character in the hip Sixties series 'Honey West.' Who is she?
  5. Let's take a look at the recurring crew members. Who is the character on the far right?
  6. He played Mark Danning in 76 episodes of which other hit Aaron Spelling series?
  7. This comedian was in a bunch of Doritos commercials and Match Game panels. What is his name?
  8. She played Ginger Ward in 75 episodes of which hit series?
  9. Michelle Johnson played Capt. Stubing's friend's niece. She was in seven episodes of The Love Boat. What was her character's name?
  10. Finally, this "Wonder Dog" had a name fitting her snowy coat. She won the 1983 PATSY Award for canine actors and earned $1,000 per day.
Can you name these celebrities in The Love Boat Christmas episode?

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