8 creative ways The Flintstones brought technology to Bedrock

The Flintstones took place in the Modern Stone Age, and while they lived a prehistoric life, there were some technological advances in Bedrock. 

From tuning the TV to mowing the lawn, Bedrock was very innovative for its time and brought some of the technology staples we know and love back into prehistoric times. 

Here's a look at eight of the best prehistoric technology The Flintstones had to offer. 


Rabbit ears for the TV

This takes the TV antenna term of rabbit ears to a very literal level. Fred has to get these Rabbitsaurus ears just right so the clearest of pictures comes in on the television set. According to Fred, these ears can control contrast levels and brightness. We hope for this rabbitsaurus' sake whatever show Fred is watching isn't a multiple-hour special!


Lawn mowers

Some people like mowing the lawn while others simply don't. It seems Fred isn't thrilled about cutting his grass, but it could be worse! All he has to do is push. This hungry dinosaur does the rest! This landscaping tech, combined with the Crabasaurus Barney owns, it might be tough to have your prehistoric yard in as good of shape as these two neighbors. 



The most convenient way to communicate when not face-to-face today is of course through the cell phone. Whether a direct text message or one through social media, it seems to be the easiest way to engage with one another. Well, at one time, one could only make a phone call. Perhaps the telephone was really invented in Bedrock? Use the rotary dial to phone a friend and communicate through what seems to be a rock-shell of some sort. We wonder, how clear is the reception while using a rock phone?


Automatic bowling pinsetter

Fred and Barney love to go bowling. What a luxury to have an automatic pinsetter after rocking a strike! This invention couldn't be possible without the help from an Octopusaurus, who can grab all the pins at once, making for a quick game. 



There wasn't any kind of rock computers in the Modern Stone Age, but residents of Bedrock could have their own typewriter! Bird creatures did a lot of work in this era, including the ability to put words on a sheet of rock! When you think about it, these type-writing birds were pretty high-tech. How did they know what letters Wilma was pushing? 


Record Player

There was only one way to listen to a favorite classic-rock tune in Bedrock: via the animal-tandem record player. Just crank the turtle-table and place the beak on the record. If the record is a long one, don't be surprised if there's a power-shortage! 


Car jack

If a Bedrock resident happens to get a crack in their tire, the simple use of this turtle car jack will have them pedaling on the rock roads again in no time. 



Even the Flintstone family could capture a moment in time with the rock camera! All they needed was the rock base of the camera and a small bird inside to capture the image! Shortly after setting the shot, a pola-rock image would be ready for display!