5 facts about Mama's Family executive producer Joe Hamilton

How often do singers turn into legendary executive producers of classic comedy sitcoms? Not often at all. However, for Joe Hamilton, it was something that came naturally.

Hamilton is known as the executive producer of Mama's Family, but the multi-talented Los Angeles native had his eye on a few different areas. He started his career singing in a group called The Skylarks. They were a vocal group, and the producer also composed their music. It's unknown exactly how he transitioned from music to television or if his musical talents contributed to his production success.

He passed away at 62 in 1991, leaving behind a classic legacy worth learning about. So, here are five facts about Mama's Family Producer Joe Hamilton.


He became a producer on 'The Garry Moore Show.'

Image: CBS

Although Hamilton started a career in music, he somehow made his way into television. He became a producer on The Gary Moore Show in 1958. The show starred Carol Burnett, an iconic comedian whom Hamilton often worked with throughout his career. It is assumed that the show is where the two first met.


Hamilton has eleven children, three with Burnett.

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The producer and Burnett got married and had three children together. Supposedly, they divorced because their careers were too hectic. He was previously married to a woman named Gloria Hartley, with whom he had eight children during their time together.


Hamilton worked with Carol Burnett several times.

After working together on The Gary Moore Show, Hamilton and Burnett kept creating magic. Hamilton was the executive producer of The Carol Burnett Show and composed the theme song. The two also worked together on a movie titled Eunice.


He executive produced all 130 episodes of 'Mama's Family.'

A producer rarely gets the chance to work on every episode in a series, but Hamilton executive produced all of Mama's Family's 130 episodes. Although the show was canceled at 30 episodes at first, it returned for another 100.


He won many awards during his career.

Image: Unsplash.com

Hamilton won five Emmys during the duration of his career. He won his first Emmy for his contribution to The Gary Moore Show. As he continued to build his legacy, more awards kept coming.


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